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Loopwheels look great and do a fantastic job of reducing impact and making pushing easier. They are pricey, but that’s because you’re buying a high-end product made with quality materials. It’s a fraction of what you could spend trying to fit suspension to your wheelchair. The Loopwheels Team is genuinely on a mission to help the disabled community. They represent the best of British design and it’s an unexpected added bonus to be able to support home-grown innovation simply by rocking some funky wheels on your chair.


"I chose purple Loopwheels to go on my bright blue chair and I have to say the combination looks awesome! Almost every time I go out someone stops me and asks about my cool wheels, so they’re clearly doing something right with the aesthetic. The wheels took only a second to fit and I immediately noticed a difference. Loopwheels definitely reduce the impact of going over bumps, kerbs and cobbles. Of course nothing can eliminate the impact completely (other than never leaving the house, I guess) but the addition of Loopwheels to my chair has made every excursion far more comfortable for me. One major benefit that I wasn’t really expecting is how much easier I find it to self-propel my chair now that I have Loopwheels. For example, the route to my daughter’s school used to leave me needing a rest halfway due to the camber and general unevenness of the pavement. Recently I realised that I can now do this trip without needing to rest at all and barely even getting out of breath as the Loopwheels make my pushing so much more efficient. It’s a big benefit when you’re already battling the exhaustion caused by chronic pain."

Libby's Testimonial
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